The Verona Beach Lighthouse

Preserve America's Heritage - One of Our Most Precious Possessions

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History of the Verona

Beach Lighthouse

Since 1915, the captivating shores of Oneida Lake have been graced by the presence of three steadfast working lighthouses. Of these remarkable structures, two stand proudly at the western edge of the lakeā€”one majestically positioned on Frenchman's Island, while the other commands attention in Brewerton. The third lighthouse, a beacon of historical significance, finds its rightful place on 4th Ave, just off Forest Ave in Verona Beach, NY.

This particular lighthouse became the focus and dedication of the Verona Beach Lighthouse Association, which took shape in 2002. Comprising a passionate collective of community-minded individuals, this association was formed with a profound mission: to restore, enhance, and meticulously maintain this cherished historic landmark.

Our Mission

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Preserving Historical and Cultural Heritage

Our lighthouse is an iconic structure that represents maritime history, navigation, and local community heritage.

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Ensure Maritime History

Lighthouses have played a vital role in ensuring the safety of ships and boats navigating treacherous coastline for centuries.

Verona Beach of Oneida Lake

Promoting Tourism to our Community

Our lighthouse draws visitors who are fascinated by its architectural beauty, historical significance, and scenic locations.

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Preserving Our Heritage

Some of the most beautiful and breathtaking historic landmarks in the United States are its lighthouses. For hundreds of years, they have stood proud and firm along our water's shores through treacherous storms, howling winds, and the bearing sun. They have served as guardians to many a weary sailor and others who have sought their beacons in search of a safe harbor.

Unfortunately, some of these American treasures have fallen upon hard times and are in need of attention. This ongoing effort will provide not only a beacon for safe mariner travel but also for the beautification of the lighthouse area and as an educational facility relative to the history of the lighthouse since 1915 for generations to come.

We Need Your Help

The Verona Beach Lighthouse Association has a mission to restore the Lighthouse and its enchanting surroundings to their pristine, original state. Our association remains passionate in its pursuit of grants and donations while actively seeking the assistance of volunteers to uphold the area's condition and establish a tranquil sanctuary for those seeking to enjoy the splendor of Oneida Lake.

As a fully operational lighthouse, our majestic beacon guides watercrafts serving as a navigational marker for vessels nearing the entrance to the Barge Canal and the inviting shores of Verona and Sylvan beaches.

Join us as we revive the Verona Beach Lighthouse, a testament to our collective commitment to preserving maritime heritage, fostering natural beauty, and creating an idyllic haven for all who cherish the allure of our cherished locale.

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Ray Hanson, President

Diane Reynolds, Secretary and Membership Chairperson

Verona Beach Lighthouse Association

P.O. Box 214

Verona Beach, NY 13162