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The Oneida Lake Association (OLA) was founded in 1945 to protect, restore and preserve the natural resources of Oneida Lake and its surrounding ecosystem.

The OLA has evolved from what was once perceived as a fishing association to what has today become a powerful environmental partnership group. The OLA represents its 3,000+ members in legislative and environmental issues which impact Oneida Lake.

The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor encompasses New York’s canal system and the communities that grew along its shores. It’s a place with stories to tell, great works of architecture to see,history to be learned, and hundreds of miles of scenic and recreational waterway and trails to explore.
Sylvan Beach offers easy access to great food, hotels, entertainment, and boat docking and servicing. Located at the mouth of the Erie Canal system, Sylvan Beach provides easy access to those who are traveling.
Verona Beach State Park located on the eastern shore of Oneida Lake, is a picnicker's and camper's delight.
Located on the eastern side of NY 13, the park boasts that it has 14 miles of trails, although most are unmarked old woods roads.
Nestled on the Eastern Shore of Oneida Lake, NY, along the historic Erie Canal, the Sylvan-Verona Beach Resort Area offers something for everyone.
Town of Verona history, legal notices, assessment information, community development, tourism, weather info, local events & more.