About Us

In the beginning, we felt the following list of necessary activities were required in order to be an effective organization:

1. Formulated Constitution/By – Laws
2. Conducted election of officers at annual meeting
3. Obtain a DBA certificate giving us a Federal ID Number
4. Obtained a 501 3 C designation exempting us from Federal tax as a public charity organization.
5. Obtained tax exempt certificate from NYS
6. Obtained a charities registration number from NYS Department of Law (Attorney General’s office)

Our efforts are coordinated with the NYS Canal Corporation and the Town of Verona. The Canal Corp. issues a permit to the Town of Verona so that our association is covered under the liability portion of the town’s policy.

To date, the following site improvements have been accomplished:

1. Land cleared, brush removed to enhance visibility
2. Applied bright white wash finish coat to lighthouse
3. New door installed
4. New windows in place
5. Asbestos removed
6. Three local highway signs placed for motorist information
7. Cement pad with four granite benches
8. Crushed stone parking area
9. Landscape posts with rope to create a nautical look
10. Cement sidewalk to offer viewing accessibility for all
11. Placement of information sign for visitors
12. Landscaping flowers and shrubs
13. Installation of a historical/information kiosk
14 Tower preservation
15. Added more posts along property edge by driveway to protect lawn

Tentative / Future activities include the following:

1. Blacktop / Improve the parking area
2. Interior renovation
3. Improved flashing light
4. Additional beautification / landscaping

It should be noted that there are two “sister” lighthouses on Oneida Lake. One is on Frenchman’s Island and the other is located in Brewerton.

Our association has approximately 575 members from all parts of the country and overseas. Membership dues are $5.00 per person annually. Our fundraising activities are focused on donations, grants, membership dues and an annual fundraiser picnic that features raffles, silent auction, door prizes, music and of course food. An annual membership meeting is required by our constitution / by-laws for the purpose of election of officers and other business. This event also features door prizes and a picnic.

Our association is a member of the Sylvan / Verona Association and as such is afforded the opportunity to maintain a booth at all sponsored events for exposure purposes. We even take part in parades with a float highlighting the Verona Beach Lighthouse.

We also have caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, pins, pictures and denim shirts available. Suggested donations are appreciated for these items.